1. Endless Recourse

Bamboo is the largest and tallest in the grass family. As known, bamboo is the fastest growing plants in the world. It reportedly grows up to 100 cm per day. After 4-6 years bamboo are harvested, providing room for bamboo shoots (sprouts) to grow. Bamboo sprout from root system, no need to plant twice. The most magic function is the more harvest, the more bamboo shoot grows.

2.Strong & Enduring

Hardwood & Bamboo Janka Hardness Rating

Bamboo has been found to have a tensile strength that is greater than that of even steel. Bamboo goes with the flow and has the ability to bend in a strong windstorm. When stalks are cut and compressed, they can rival the strength of most steel. So the bamboo plywood, lumber & beams can be used for construction, furniture, creative design applications.

With the more and more bamboo using in our life, the bamboo is widely known by the clients around the world. Normally people use more wood material especially white oak in house decoration like flooring, furniture, wall panels. But the bamboo shows better properties. It is harder and more flexible than most wood. And safely to be used as structure material to replace cement.