Why Us

MESUN BAMBOO is one of the biggest factories which specializes in manufacturing bamboo products like bamboo furniture boards, bamboo lumbers and beams, strand woven bamboo panels, bamboo dowels, and bamboo benchtops.

  • Located in Anji City which is the biggest original district of Mao bamboo
  • All the bamboo products use 4-6 years of Mao bamboo
  • Strictly control the quality of every step in the processing
  • Export to more than 30 countries like UK, USA, Italy, Australia, News Zealand, South Africa, Mexico, etc.
  • FSC 100% Certified, E1, E0 standards bamboo boards
  • Large stock of bamboo strips to ensure delivery time
  • Available for bespoke
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Eco-friendly & Sustainable Resource

All of our products are made of Mao bamboo, which is the fastest growing grass in the world. Moso (Mao) bamboo is eco- friendly and sustainable material. Due to good flexible, tensile and rigid characters and advanced craft, the bamboo material will be the one of best material for our life in the near future.

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100% FSC Certification

FSC is the leading certification scheme for sustainable wood sourcing. It was created to prevent the continuous depletion of forests. Since 2008 bamboo is included in the FSC system and Mesun was one of the first bamboo factories to be certified. All of our products can export with FSC certification.

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Strictly Quality Control

We have professional quality control department. All of our workers have more than 5 years experience of doing bamboo products. We will strictly control every step of processing. Before export, we will cut small samples for doing test of moisture content, dip peel etc. about 15 kinds of lab experiments.

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Our Products

With about 14 years experience, our factory is able to offer FSC 100% and NAUF certified bamboo products like panels, worktop, countertops, lumber (bamboo beams), veneer, window frames, etc..

Solid Bamboo Boards

Bamboo Countertop

Standing Desktops

Beams & Lumbers

Bamboo Veneers

Acoustic Panels

Welcome to Have A Tour

Every year many customers visit us. We are grateful to welcome you to visit us and we’d like to pick you up from the airport and hotels.

Our factory is about 3 hours driving from Shanghai, 1 hour from Hangzhou.

  • Add: Anji Economic development zone, Anji, Zhejiang, China
  • Tel: 86-572-8230760
  • Email: info@mesunbamboo.com

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If you are interested in our products, please feel free to inquire about samples. We’ll reply in 24 hours!