Mesun Bamboo, founded in 2005, is aimed at manufacturing top quality bamboo panel and bamboo architectural products for clients around the world. With 14 years’ experience of bamboo products production, Mesun Bamboo currently is not only a manufacturer but also a solution provider, which is producing a wide range of sustainable design and innovative bamboo solutions for the international market.

Our factory is located in Anji county, which is one of the largest Mao bamboo centers in China, with the convenient transportation from Hangzhou (about 2h) and Shanghai (about 3h).

With the advanced manufacturing equipments, skilled workers, strict quality control and consistent stable raw materials resources, Bamboo plywood, lumber & beams and bamboo veneers are our main advantage products. Now we have exported to more than 30 countries around the world, including USA, France, Italy, Netherlands, UK, UAE, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, etc.

We are also able to provide customized and FSC 100% certified, E0 bamboo products for your specific projects.


There are about 100 workers in our factory. All of our people have more than 10 years experience of doing bamboo products. Our people seriously control each step in the processing. We are faithful of providing the best quality bamboo panels for every client.

Production Manager

He coordinates all parts of production and arranges production plans reasonably. Adjust according to the actual situation in time to ensure the delivery time.

Packing Manager

According to the loading plans, he arrange the packing time and calculate how to save the space of each container to load more product reasonably.

QC Manager

James works in the factory about 8 years. He is familiar with every aspect of production. With serious working attitude, he carefully check each details to ensure the quality of the bamboo products we export.

Grading Manager

She is familiar with the bamboo veneer grains and colors. So she can select the A grade strips and match color according to the different clients requirements.