For different thicknesses, there are suggested applications, for example, the thinner material is great for laser cutting cake toppers and accessories, whereas the thicker material can be used for furniture and interior decoration crafts such as cabinetry, cutting board, mirror, shelves, benchtops, lights, and standing desktops, etc..

For 3, 4, 5mm thickness bamboo plywood

The 1-ply bamboo panels are 3, 4, and 5mm with vertical, horizontal, and strand woven structures. The boards are also able to curve and CNC cutting to do some wall decoration like wall panels, ceilings, dividers, and acoustic panels. The other suggested use is for furniture like reception desk panels, back of island counters, etc. You also can make flooring moldings and street sign boards.

For 6.4-12.7mm thickness bamboo boards

The 1 or 3 layers laminated crossed construction bamboo plywood can be CNC routing patterns and cut. Must be predrilled, then screwed. The bamboo plywood is applied for ceiling and wall linings up to 3000mm in height. And also can make musical instruments.

For 15, 19, 20, 25mm thickness bamboo furniture boards

The bamboo panels are thick enough to manufacture by CNC cutting, laser marking, traditional hand tools, and machining: dovetails, mortise, tenon joints, etc.. Therefore the panels are widely used for interior decoration design and furniture.

The boards are widely applied for making boxes, shelves, organizers, grills, cabinets, room dividers, decorative screens, bed heads, serving platters, cutting boards, bows, checkerboards, trays, drawers, and so on. Since the COVID-19, we work at home. Standing desks are widely popular at home and office. Bamboo boards are perfect to be the ergo tabletops.