If you firstly import from China, you’d better find a factory which has enough export experience. The factory not only knows your market well but also can provide a good suggestion that you are able to save time and cost.


Quantity and high-quality moso bamboo are the preconditions for the best quality.

The high raw materials are the basic precondition for the best quality. Mesun Bamboo is located in one of the biggest mao bamboo original districts- Anji, Zhejiang. We select the best bamboo stems directly and guarantee the strips from 4-6 years’ bamboo. This period bamboo owns the best technical properties- stronger and more durable. On the other hand, plenty of bamboo materials stocking ensures the delivery time.


Continuous efforts to optimize processing methods

Established in 2005, MESUN BAMBOO is excelled in manufacturing bamboo panels. Our workers have 5 years at least of producing bamboo products experience. Advanced equipment, professional workers, and continuously improve skills to make our board stable quality. Customized service maintains our clients’ requirements. Our bamboo boards have been exported to more than 20 countries in the world and got all our customers’ rewarding.

Our boards achieve E0, E1 standard. And the100% FSC allows our clients’ projects.


Strict quality control system to guarantee the long-term stable quality

We set up a special inspection department which seriously controls every procedure in the processing. Every step owns scientific data. The stability is the crucial effect of good quality. Bamboo, like other wood, is a live material that will shrink and swell with the changes of around environment and climate. Therefore, we strictly control the moisture of bamboo strips and boards. In order to export perfect bamboo panels to our clients, we’ll select and check piece by piece. Before packing, we’ll randomly choose a few pieces to do lab experiments.


Free samples and acceptable trial order

We accept the trial order. You are welcome to place a small order of more than 200m2. In the communication process, we better understand each other’s needs and solve the problems we meet in time.

We also provide free samples which are 100x150mm. You can compare it with our competitors. We have the faith of our panels good enough in the long term.


Finally, you are welcomed to visit our factory! Mail us: info@mesunbamboo.com