Bamboo Truck Trailer Flooring

Normally the species of truck bedwood is Apitong/Keruing. These wood species are listed as critically endangered due to a population reduction of over 80% in the past three generations, caused by a decline in their natural range, and exploitation. So Mesun Bamboo develop bamboo trailer decking to provide more options. With high strength and natural durability, bamboo flooring is more competitive and environmentally friendly.

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Product details


Species: Moso Bamboo
Surface Grain: vertical/side caramel grain
Length: Customized (3000-10000mm)
Width: Customized(201-306mm)
Thickness: Customized (17-24mm)
Construction: 1-ply side/vertically pressed
Finish: Unfinished/Raw
Uses: Car, Truck, and other semi-truck


  1. Sustainable materials to avoid the distinction of Apitong/Keruing wood
  2. Lower cost and bamboo have the same durability and strength