Imitation Bamboo Design Hollow Dowels

MESUN is able to offer you a wide range of top-quality hollow bamboo dowel rods with a diameter from 30mm – 200mm, the length can be customized.

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Product details


SKU: BD-015
Species: Moso Bamboo
Surface Grain: Carbonized vertical
Length: 1000-5800mm
Diameter: 30-200mm
Finish: Unfinished/Raw
Uses: Furniture, divider, tool handler, linear ceiling, acoustic panels, wall panels, interior decoration etc.

Colors Available

Horizontally Carbonized Color
Vertically Carbonized Color



  1. With hollow structure, the dowels are lighter to apply for linear ceilings, room dividers etc..
  2. The size can be customized
  3. The fire-resistant properties of the material can be gotten by fire-retardant treatment (reach Class A -ASTM E84).
  4. In order to meet different projects, the shape of dowels is available to custom like rolling pans.




Packing & Loading

Can be customized by our clients.